Flynn and King is a skincare company based in Brooklyn, New York. They create 100% natural and organic products, it is so hard to find  skincare products that don't contain all the bad things like parabens and chemicals. 

I was lucky enough to be able to try some of Flynn & Kings products! I have been using the REVIVE cleanser for the last week and my skin looks and feels amazing! You can use it as a makeup remover and it works amazing for skin imperfections. This is probably the best cleanser I've ever used. As someone with sensitive skin i have struggled to find a good product, this leaves my skin soft and smooth instead of that tight feeling you often get. I love the packaging for The Detox soap, activated charcoal is amazing for you skin, and it smells amazing! 

The lip balm is made of natural beeswax and is full of natural vitamins and oils to keep your lips soft and smooth. you can also use it for cracked hands and cuticles! I am in love with all of F&K products! i cant wait to try more!

2. Flynn & King DETOX soap (also comes in handy travel size!).

Make sure you checkout Flynn & King on Instagram!

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